Caltech-Ultralight Application group workshop Jan 10th -Jan 14th 2005

This workshop will be the first step in creating an end 2 end system for scientific analysis. The workshop will consist of 3 parts:
  1. Getting hands on experience with several of the (experiment specific/experiment neutral) components we want to use in Ultalight. Developers and expert users will give tutorials (not high level talks) to get started with the applications and gain a better understanding of the integration problems within the overal Ultralight architecture.
  2. Revisiting the Application Services workplan and refining it. We would like to get input and feeback from both CMS, Atlas and Astronomy experiments
  3. Start working on integration of serval of the components. Undoubtely this will uncover certain technical and policy problems which can be easier addressed during the workhop as the people involved are in the same room.
The main goal is to have a prototype working at the end of the workshop and have a good understanding of the challenges ahead.

Additional information:


Send an email with your name and affiliation (e.g. John Doe; MIT) and the heading: "ULTRALIGHT WORKSHOP" to Frank van Lingen. There will be a modest registration fee for breakfast, coffee, tea and other refreshments.